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“We absolutely love this place and already have plans in the works for our next visit.  This was the ideal setting for several wonderful days with family and friends and for our destination wedding.  Not only is the view indescribable, but the houses are amazing…so warm and welcoming and full of life.”

“This house is magical & it was the absolutely perfect place to get married.  The houses are perfect, the grounds are incredible and everyone has been great.”

“I came here burnt out on life and am leaving here relaxed and ready to live.  The homes are so comfortable to stay in, even for a large group.  The grounds provided the perfect setting for an amazing wedding…I will definitely recommend this place to my boss for his family reunion.”

“This week we added a new member to our ohana (family).  (Our children) were wed on these beaches…it couldn’t have been a more beautiful place to do it.  The houses are awesome…many many more enjoy this place, as well as the peace and pleasure which we were blessed with.”

“Our family gathered here from all corners of the globe and we all agree that this has been the ideal spot for a family reunion.  Lots of  room to all get together without feeling crowded and also lots of spaces to find quiet time.  Beautifully appointed, totally comfortable, we felt so fortunate to have found Kona Beach House.  Thank you, Robertson family!”

“We had a wonderful time at the property!  It went by WAY to fast!  Having an on-site caretaker is awesome, very helpful and accommodating.  Thank you for making our wedding so enjoyable and memorable, we will be coming back for sure. ”

“We are having a great time this year. If possible can you put both houses on hold for two weeks next year?”

“This is paradise…this is the second visit to Kona Beach House.  You can’t ask for a better place to spend with family.  Breakfast and Lunch on the lanai.   Cocktails on the hammock watching the sunset.  We will definitely return.”

“The wedding turned out amazing!  The grounds looked absolutely beautiful, and everyone had such a great time.   We decorated a tree out on the point with strands of handmade paper cranes (1001!), and got married under it.  We feel very lucky to have found such a beautiful spot.  Thanks for all your help.  You guys rock!”

“Our wedding was fabulous and the help you provided in helping get it all together was amazing.  Thank you!  I hope that in the next year or so we can return for a family vacation!  That’s something I would love to look forward to after the wedding.”

“This a long overdue thank you email for our magical stay at both houses. It’s been a busy time since then and I’m finally making the time to send a big thank you note.  The property was a dream… a dream come true, actually.  From the incredible oceanfront to the gorgeous green lawn to the perfectly maintained property to the fresh mangos that fell from the tree every day… I can’t wait for an opportunity to return!”

“It was a joyous, wonderful celebration, and the venue could not have been more perfect! Thank you!”

“What an AMAZING place! Our wedding week and wedding were perfect and that had a significant amount to do with the breathtaking location. Our family and friends were in awe of the houses and the surroundings as were we.”

“A small note to let you all know from the bottom of our hearts how lucky we both are to have met you.  Our Hawaiian Wedding was soooooo Amazing! Thank you.  All our guests are still saying it was the BEST Wedding ever!!!!!”

“What a wonderful place!! We were here with our three children, their spouses and our grandchildren to celebrate our 40th anniversary.  It has been fabulous…”

“We had a wonderful time and Nicole and I are very grateful for the beautiful place to get married.  The wedding was amazing, the beach house was absolutely perfect!  Thank you so much for being so helpful.”