Frequently Asked Questions

Just 2.5 miles, close enough to be convenient and far enough to have some peace and quiet.
No. You can rent them nearby (see Links).
Yes, there are a few board games, such as Scrabble. Some guests have, on occasion, left other games so you never can tell what we will have available when you arrive.
Even though these oceanfront vacation homes are perfectly situated by the sea, please be advised that the sharp rocks, strong currents and changing tides outside of the lagoon make it difficult for novices to surf or swim safely.
Yes and no. Our vacation renters love our homes so much, they leave us gifts like slippahs, snorkels, fins, beach chairs and boogie boards. Sometimes other guests like to collect this beach gear and take it home when they leave Hawaii. We never can tell what we will have on site when you check-in.
The calm waters of the lagoon provide an ideal place for the endangered green sea turtles (“Honu”) to come in to eat the seaweed and to rest. The honu have been coming to the lagoon for hundreds of years and they should not be disturbed or touched as the oils from your skin actually destroys the protective coating on their shells.

As long as you respect the honu, the lagoon is an ideal place to snorkel, enjoy an easy swim and to introduce young children to swimming in the calm water. There are many fascinating tide pools to explore.

No, these vacation rentals are well stocked with linens, towels, and beach towels.
Yes, there is a gas grill at each house so you may enjoy your outdoor dining and the sunset!
The cleaners clean before you arrive and after you leave. If you would like their visits to be more frequent, we can arrange for the extra cleaning and you can pay them directly.
The Poke Shade is just south of the houses.